Update #1

Majesty by ShiningMidnightStar (deviantart)

Majesty by ShiningMidnightStar (deviantart)

This is hopefully one of many updates, and hopefully they come weekly.  I’d like to call it a weekly update but I’m not sure how consistent I will be once school starts back up again.  So, let us get right to it…

Despite reading three books that I would have not read, I am really enjoying this challenge of reading NPR’s top 100 books for teens EVER.   I’m excited about reading once again, which is nice, but also I have felt my craving to write something of my own growing.  But, I’m still resolute in my decision not to write the entire year, and I am hoping by doing that that I will explode with creativity once this is all over and I get back my relentlessness.  For about five years my only goal was to get published and I decided to put everything I had into it, and I did, except I did it wrong.  You see, I changed my major to English, and instead of throwing myself into my writing, I had actually thrown myself into school thinking that I would be working on my writing and improving my writing by studying literature and all that.  I was mistaken.  I believe that if I had not gone to school and just wrote, I would have a couple of fairly decent books written and I may even be published.  I mean published with a novel.  I have won a couple of short fiction contests and I have about six short stories published and a poem.  So, I want that relentlessness back, and I’m sure I will.

The reading is going well.  I am reading a couple of books out of order, but I am trying to stay within five on the ranking scale.  So, if I am on number 97 on the NPR top 100, I cannot read further than number 92.  I would prefer to read them all in order, but I have to work with the library.  Sometimes it takes longer to get certain books.  It is helpful that I am working with two different libraries at the same time, so I should always be able to have a book in my hand.  So far I would say that I am unimpressed with NPR’s list, but if they are right in calling these books the best for teens ever then I’m disappointed in everybody.  I expect better from the human race.  I am not going out of order too far, because I expect to see an improvement from number 100 to number 1, and it is easier to notice and analyze if I read them somewhat in order.

I hope to put up blogs consistently, both for the NPR list and for a couple of other things.  I really like doing this blog.  It is liberating for me to be able to write and put what I say out into the abyss that is the internet and feel confident about it.  I was beginning to question myself too much, and what I liked most about writing was the creative process.  The on a whim brilliance that I found in what I happened to say.  Of course, it was most likely just brilliance that I saw, but if I see it, it must be real on some level, right?  I realize that no one is going to read this blog, but that doesn’t diminish my putting myself out there for others to see.  It’s the act of it more than anything.  Maybe that makes me crazy, but I’m OK with that.

Thank you, nobody, for reading.  I’ll keep you up to date.


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  1. krull the warrior king says :

    I read it!

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