Number 97: Shiver

Behold! The only positive aspect of this trilogy...the coherent artwork.

Behold! The only positive aspect of this trilogy…the coherent artwork.

Shiver is the first book of a trilogy written by Maggie Stiefvater.  From the first line I didn’t like this book.  I kept telling myself to stay patient and try to see what the book has to offer, but it all just feels stale.  The relationships seem forced.  The characters are everything that we’ve read before, and the writing is vague, which I’m sure lends to the stale feeling and cliché characters because there wasn’t enough thought put into any of it.  It all just seems as though it was under-thought.  The worst of it is the forcing of Grace’s belief in werewolves.  There is a kid killed at school.  A kid that Grace wasn’t really friends with, but one night Grace hears a yell coming from the woods and she automatically thinks it’s the dead kid.  Why? I don’t know.  It doesn’t explain why she would know his yell or why she would think it was the dead kid yelling from the woods.  It’s not like she was obsessing over his death and somehow imagined it.  She didn’t care about him.  She was in no way tore up about the kid’s death, except that she didn’t like how the wolves were being blamed even though they were the cause of the kid’s death.  Anyway, she goes into the woods and sees two wolves holding down another wolf.  The wolf being held down looks up and she catches eyes with the wolf, and wouldn’t you know it, the wolf’s eyes are exactly like Jack’s, the kid that was killed by the wolves.  Jack, the kid that she didn’t like and didn’t really know.  She knew the wolf by the eyes.  Oh, and at this point in the story it is pretty obvious everyone knows everyone by their eyes, as often as they seem to be described.  And also sunlight shining on everything, but that’s a whole different rant.  Anyway, she sees the wolf’s eyes and says “Jack?” Right, so now she believes in werewolves.  Why in the hell would she ever think that the guy was a wolf?  How would anyone actually make that jump in logic?  No one would, but that’s the jump that the author makes and now Grace is convinced that he is a werewolf.  I couldn’t tell you with 100 percent certainty the eye color of 99 percent of the people that I know.  Oh, and there is also this shit where she is convinced that wolves are peaceful, because they don’t hunt in packs and eat meat and all…fuck this book annoys me.  Honestly, I’m only on page 25.  I had to get on here and write something or else I was going to figuratively explode.  Now hopefully I can finish the book before having to go onto another preemptive rant.

…my opinion didn’t change. There were some good moments between the two protagonists, but it mostly consisted of Grace asking Sam about being a werewolf and that’s how we find out all of the important information. And also the relationship was way to forced and obvious.  There was no finesse to the story telling, which was something I was expecting.  I will not be continuing this trilogy.

A good thing I can say about these books is that I thought it was interesting how the wolves changed based on the weather and also how their minds get muddled and they can’t remember everything exactly when they are wolves, and also how it takes them a while to feel human again once they shift back into human form.  Another thing is that I like the cover design for this trilogy.

Once again I’m disappointed with NPR’s selection.  This book really didn’t make me think and I found it uninteresting.

Wife: Nope again.

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