Update #4

There are a lot of topics that I want to cover in this update.  I recently took a break from the blog.  I started a new television series.  I changed my life’s plan, and I came to the conclusion that sometimes failure is okay.  And I’ve also listed those in order of importance.  Ha, I kid, or do I…

Shuu Transformation WIP by deviant art artist ChuuStar (get it? adapting and changing? Metaphored!)

So, let’s see.  Right.  I took a break from not only the blog, but from everything.  I’ve found that I’m really good at stressing myself out, so I sat my ass in front of the TV and had a good ol’ fashioned TV show binge (Amazon Prime not Netflix).  It was a comedy consisting of nearly 5 seasons, and I’ll write more about it in a new category I’m going to start, entitled “Literary Television” or maybe I’ll title it something catching.  Or maybe I won’t.  Actually, does it matter?

spoiler alert!

spoiler alert!

OK.  Next on the list.  I quit graduate school.  This is something I think that I wanted to do since last semester, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit it yet.  As I’ve said before, I enjoyed school because I thought it was helping me improve my writing, but once I discovered it was only a hindrance, my joy of  school plummeted.  I switched to business, which is far from my favorite subject, and doing homework just made me feel sick.  I began to apply to jobs and I got a job offer making 35K a year, so I took it.  It is physical work, something that I enjoy, and it is only 40 hours a week (I say only because there was a potential for jobs with a lot of mandatory overtime), four days a week.  This means that I’ll have a kid-free day in the week where I can write, read, draw, and just fulfill my creativity quota.  This is actually what I wanted all along.  I want a job that doesn’t challenge me mentally.  I want to work out while I’m getting paid and then in my free time I want to be able to write and really enjoy it.

I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.  I didn’t realize how angry I was all the time before.  School was just grinding on me, and I was putting expectation on myself that I knew I didn’t really want to meet.  I thought I had to make a lot of money and that I had to finish graduate school or I was a failure, but then I realized that it’s OK to be a failure.

A Failure Fortune by deviant art artist thefailswales

A Failure Fortune by deviant art artist thefailswales


How many people actually accomplish every goal they’ve ever set?  I’ve mentioned before that I’m shit at setting goals and this is just another revelation and a chance to grow and learn at setting goals.  It’s OK to fail.  Sure it sucks.  It forces you to rethink plans and to come up with an alternate route.  I discovered that graduate school isn’t for me and also, neither is a corporate job.  As long as I keep pushing I’ll keep discovering my boundaries and limits and fulfill my potential.

Against All Odds by deviant art artist LuigiL

Against All Odds by deviant art artist LuigiL

I’m going to get back to blogging again.  I kind of took a break from reading as well, but don’t worry, I’m way ahead of where I am on the blog.

I’m going to write about movies and TV on the blog because if I learned anything getting my English degree, it’s that all of the teachers in the English department want desperately for film to be in the literary canon so that they can watch TV during class time.  It’s makes sense, but more on that in a different blog.

Feeding BlackHole by deviant art artist Juraji

Feeding BlackHole by deviant art artist Juraji

I would like to once again thank the void.  Thank you for being infinite and for consuming any possibility of potential readers.


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