Number 89: Weetzie Bat

This book sucked.

This book sucked.

I try to be as vague as I can when describing stories and books, but there are times when I accidentally or maybe not so accidentally ruin what happens in the book.  Read on at your own risk.  Spoiler gage: extreme.

So, what did I think of Weetzie Bat?  I thought it was terrible.



For a while I was just going to say that…it was terrible, because it was that bad. But then I decided that maybe I should have just a little bit of information.  I have no idea how it made it on the list.

I hated the narrative style.  It was simplistic and childish and read exactly like a children’s book.  I was even convinced for the first page and a half that it was a children’s book like Betsy-Tacy.  But, in the dialogue, the characters cursed, a lot.  It was pretty jarring.  I didn’t like the slang and there were so many things being repeated it was distracting and again, a children’s style of narrative.

I don't understand this cover.

I don’t understand this cover.

The plot moved at light speed.  Seriously.  Scenes lasted half a page to two pages.  They go from just meeting to talking about wanting a baby within a page and a half.

My biggest problem was that this is not a YA book.  The themes in this book are not young adult.  The first couple of pages they are in high school, I think, I’m really not sure.  Other than that there is no teen angst or anything like that.

I'm not sure if the wings are literal...

I’m not sure if the wings are literal…

Her best friend is gay and he finds a boyfriend and Weetzie finds a boyfriend and they all move in together, because apparently they are old enough for that now (I’m really unclear on their ages).  Weetzie’s boyfriend doesn’t want a baby so Weetzie has a threesome with her gay best friend and his boyfriend to get pregnant.  She does and has a baby.  Afterward her boyfriend found out about it and left her then had sex with a witch (apparently there are witches in this book), and after he gets back together with Weetzie the witch drops off a baby for them to take care of.  How is this a teenager’s book? But Ender’s Game is too mature to be on the list? 

a book about an 11 year old boy just trying to fit in...too mature

a book about a preteen boy just trying to fit in…too mature

I don’t know what is appealing about this book.  It was one of those reads where I had to keep telling myself to be patient and just keep reading and that it had to get good eventually.  It didn’t.

NPR has disappointed me yet again.

Wife: No.



6 responses to “Number 89: Weetzie Bat”

  1. wheresmyhusband says :

    i haven’t read past the first paragraph, because i want to read some of these. Just tell me if this book is worth the read and then i’ll come back and read the blog later

  2. wheresmyhusband says :

    Man it sucks that you have to read al pm these crappy books

    • brickvsthelist says :

      It’s all good for me. It’s helping me realize what kind of books I like; what narrative, characters, and plots. And I am just doing this to myself. It’s not like I’m being forced to do it. lol. But, at times it does suck.

  3. wheresmyhusband says :

    I thought you said the Daughter of Smoke and Bone was up?

  4. brickvsthelist says :

    lol. I’ve been slow. it will be Feed and the DoSaB.

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