It’s been a while…

So it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog…which always seems to be the case lately.

Staind by deviantart artist serjho...

Staind by deviantart artist serjho…

I’ve been busy with being tired and self doubt, but I’ve found new motivation. That motivation is the motivation to not suck.

barney awesome

You see, I don’t want to suck; therefore, I shan’t. It’s a new philosophy I’ve decided to live by. Though, my philosophies change so often that even I get tired of listening to myself. But, anyway…the new philosophy is Just Do It. I realize this is highly original and groundbreaking, and, now that I’ve written it, I dare say that the saying is synonymous with victory! Like old school victory. Greek victory. Well, I take pride in being the first person to have thought of this philosophy…wait…

I’m just getting word that Nike trademarked this slogan in 1988. So, when I was a toddler. Damn it, all of the good ideas are already taken. But, this doesn’t take away from my philosophy. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I aim to ignore the tired, to clarify, me being tired. I aim to make myself have the habits that I desire, not the ones that please me in the moment. I want to eat healthy, workout, write, talk to people, and feel good about my decisions. No instant gratification, because, honestly, the gratification that you have to work for is the sweetest.

I mean, there’s a reason that we always want gratification and want it instantly…it just feels so damn good. So, I will make my healthy food on a schedule, whether I feel like doing it or not. I will work out at the gym and work out hard, whether I feel like it or not. And I will sit down and write, whe…you get it. Because, in the end, I will get results. Good or average, I will be making progress, which is more than I will ever make only doing things when I feel like it.

Brick out!


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