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A Book Reveiw by a 9 Year Old: The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

A map!

A map!


I didn't want to do this, but here comes the smolder.

I didn’t want to do this, but here comes the smolder.

Umm. Chris Colfer is a good writer.  Because you know how most people don’t like endings? Well he finishes endings.  He has explanations for different stories…like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.  In most of those princess stories there is a prince charming and he made an explanation for that.  They are all brothers!  The Charming Brothers.  And Conner and Alex, they are the main characters in the book, figure out things about fairy tale stories.  Everyone has their own kingdoms.  This one fairy has to go on trial because people said she put a spell on someone, but she was found innocent.  Conner found the Sleeping Beauty castle, and everyone around was falling asleep.  He helped them with the problem because he had a similar problem in school, so he told them to use a rubber band on their wrist to snap to wake themselves up when they feel sleepy.

They are also put in a magical world by the book Magical Stories.  They are sucked into the world, and to get back they have to collect an item from every place in the world.  For Tangled they have to find a string of hair, and there is this funny thing about Tangled.  This girl climbs all the way to the top to get in and her brother finds that there are stairs, so Alex wasted her energy.  Then there is Charming kingdom where Cinderella and King Charming live.  There is also the fairy kingdom where the trial took place.  From there they have to collect a fairy tear.  There is a dwarf forest and they have to find gems from Snow White’s casket.  Then there is the Red Riding Hood kingdom in the middle of all of them.  From there they have to collect the first little thing of Red Riding Hood’s first basket…Also, interesting fact! Red Riding Hood wants to date Jack the Giant Slayer, because he lives there.  From the Sleeping Kingdom they need to collect a model of a spindle.  From the troll and goblin territory they have to steal back a crown.  At Mermaid Bay they have to collect a key to get into the Northern Kingdom.

I would give this book 4/5 stars.  It is the first book in a trilogy.  Again, the author is Chris Colfer, you guys should check him out.  (Yes, the guy from Glee).


Book Review by a 9 Year Old: The Son of Neptune

because camp half-blood has orange shirts

the pen is blue because Poseidon lives in water…BAM!

because at camp half-blood, they wear orange shirts

because at camp half-blood, they wear orange shirts

The Son of Neptune is one of Rick Riordan’s books.  It is a series of Percy Jackson.  But, this series is another one, it still has Percy Jackson in it, the series is called the Heroes of Olympus.  It is one of my favorite books because Rick Riordan turns non-fiction into fiction.  It has gods which is part of the non-fiction, but how he turns it into fiction is when he makes people have powers.  I like how they create cool weapons.  Hades has two scythes.  And how Zeus has a lightning bolt, and that’s fiction because you can’t hold a lightning bolt.  Poseidon has a trident which allows him to control water and be able to breathe underwater.  If it is freezing cold water and if he doesn’t want to get wet, he can think that and he won’t get wet.  An interesting fact about Poseidon is that he created horses and Cyclopes.  In the second book of the Percy Jackson series you find out that a nymph and a god make a Cyclops.  Percy has a pen and when he clicks it, it turns into a mythical sword.  And I think that Satyrs are funny.  I think that Rick Riordan is really good.  That is why you should read this book.

This book gets 8 out of 10 drachmas.

*A review by Random Grace

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